January 31, 2010

HauteLook: William Rast

Who doesn't love name brand fashion for a discount. For those who don't know, Hautelook is an amazing website that offers some of the best deals ever on some great brand-named products. Be sure to sign up for Hautelook and you will get all the latest info. right at your fingertips. Ha, what more could you ask for?! There is a little trick about this website, there is a time limit on the offer so all the great things go first, so try to snag what you want as soon as the sale starts. Tomorrow, Feb. 1st, check out William Rast. The talented artist, Justin Timberlake and best friend, Trace Ayala designed this line of denim inspired by their southern roots in Tennessee. The jeans are comfortable and allow you to go from a casual day walking down Mass. Street, to a night on the town. Check out the new Spring 2010 Ready to Wear Collection at style.com. The boys were aiming for a classy, sexy, tomboy look. Good news is the prices are about 10% cheaper than last season's collection. I have heard the jeans tend to stretch out after the first wear, so try getting a size smaller than your usual. William Rast denim is practical, a great fit, and very assorted, which is why we love these jeans.


What's hot on the runway? Bows! From Valentino to Marc Jacobs to Yves Saint Laurent, bows seems to be making their mark on the fashion scene. We're not talking small talk- these bows are huge and a bold statement. Skirts, dresses, tops, you name it- adorned with criss-cross ribbons or interwoven throughout the garment... bows everywhere! Not to mention the ever so popular hair accessory. Juicy models walked the runway with big bows atop their heads (same for Marc Jacobs as well as Peter Som)- and we loved it. Be brave, bold and make a statement. Don't shy away from this hot trend- I plan on wearing my hair in a high bun with a colorful big bow- we'll see how it goes!
To vote on you favorite looks go to elle.com

Hangover Helper

Fortunately (unfortunately?) I'm no longer the victim of Sunday hangovers. My new work schedule has me working Saturday nights, which is unquestionably beneficial to my health and productivity levels come Sunday morning. However, there's a unique comfort in rallying the troops and heading to a late breakfast for a re-cap of 'just what the hell happened last night?'- I would say this post is a bit late, but then again, it's Sunday at 2:30pm and a strangely perfect time to post. If you are hungover, you can nurse yourself on the couch with Jersey Shore and sweatpants or head to The Bourgeois Pig for $4 mimosas and $4.75 double bloody mary's. Fight fire with fire? Do it. You can take your computer and dabble through some homework... half productivity? Last semester one of my professors raved about The Bourgeois Pig and ritually visited the coffee shop every morning to write. Coffee and booze and the combination of both in one cup, was more likely the point of interest, but hey he's a writer so it seems fitting. Maybe I'll head there more often! So my plug for this cafe is that despite its seemingly pretentious nature, it's a pretty great place to spend a Sunday. Check it out.

P.S. Here's the calorie breakdown for the drink specials- not too shabby... even better.

Bloody Mary (5 oz): 118
Mimosa (4 oz): 75

January 29, 2010

Happy Kansas Day

Today at Aimee's I was having lunch with my boyfriend and learned that today is Kansas Day. Although I'm not a Kansas native, I'm certainly thankful for Lawrence. Sometimes it's easy to forget how cool it is- distracted by studies and general busy bee-ness, the day to day drab. Last night I met some friends at Pachamamas for a glass of wine, a little jazz, and good company. I thought about it this morning...how pleasant the mixture of happy voices and funny conversations were on no particular Thursday night in Lawrence. It's a wonderful home to university students, families and businesses alike. It's been an interesting place to grow up- to wander the parks and bars and streets. So for today, on a cold and gray and snowing Friday, I still really love Lawrence. As for Kansas Day, Tessa and I have a second/much appreciated home here in Oz. So in honor of KS and Judy Garland, our fashion favorite of the day goes to the ruby red slippers. A well remembered and sparkling costume from the first major motion picture in color.

Dragon Lady

Kelly Cutrone aka The Dragon Lady, is the founder of the public relations, marketing and branding firm- Peoples Revolution. She's built herself an empire and lets no one stand in her way or else! She's been seen on The Hills and The City, and while Kelly's focus is usually on the Fashion Runway, she is now starring in her own series, Kell on Earth, which premiers Feb. 1 on Bravo. In addition, she's written her own self-help book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Didn't Tell You. I'm really curious to see what it's all about. But really, even though Kelly Cutrone seems like this awful (Dragon!) person, whose fashion sense appears questionable at times, she knows what she's doing. I'm impressed by what she has accomplished and the fact that she's made a name in the Fashion Industry, which we all know is not an easy thing to do. Kelly Cutrone is still on a rise to the top, and we're excited to see what she come up with next.

January 28, 2010

Dress to Impress

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. ~Unknown/lovebird

Undecided about what to wear on Valentine's day? Going on a date, out for dinner, out out with some friends? We have some ideas! Lulus.com is our top site for flirty fun dresses at a reasonable
price. Here are a few of the pieces we like best- you can order these looks straight from lulus.com or browse the website for many more amazing finds. And P.S.- if you're staying in and taking our suggestion to make your own romantic din for V-Day, (post below!) you should still opt for a cute dress over sweats, even if he says he doesn't care and loves you regardless. Show him some lovin and dress to impress.

Clockwise: Angel fish dress($53),On Broadway Dress ($48),Fancy Meeting You Here ($45)
, Queen of Spades Skirt ($52)

Taking the Pressure off V-Day

If you haven't already been to La Prima Tazza it's time to move your butt. It might just be my favorite coffee shop on Mass st. and their Iced Indonesian (a spiced treat coldpress with milk) is absolutely heavenly. Tuesday's their two for one deal, and hard to beat- especially if you're a serious coffee addict like I am. So over coffee we got to talking about our V-day plans. I'm still in the process of making plans, (my bf is interviewing at Harvard Med(!) and we're thinking maybe a New York V-day?) however miss Tessa and her oh so charming beau have a great plan that's both economical and thoughtful. They're making din and spending some casual quality time together. What's missing here? Pressure! Why do we insist on making plans more complex, more stressful and more likely to fall apart. We all place an unnecessary pressure on Valentine's day, whether you're in love or enjoying the playing field this seems the one Holiday everyone could do without. The solution: chill out. Take a deep breath and think outside the box. Din at a nice (horrifyingly crowded and with bad waiters) restaurant on V-day... not ideal. A fresh dinner date with your valentine is however a smart choice. It's a more healthy option and a fun way to play around in the kitchen. Our #1 recommendation? Breakfast for dinner. We're thinking more on the sweet side- chocolate chip pancakes with blueberries and whip cream?

Or try these jazzed up versions of french toast at MyRecipies.com http://www.myrecipes.com/recipes/gallery/print/0,32179,1920375_1920343,00.html. We also advise some fresh squeezed oj or grapefruit juice. Another tip... read this article about natural food aphrodisiacs from Discovery Health. There may just be a link between chocolate and your sex life. Enjoy!

January 27, 2010

College Boy in Designer Jeans

What's the verdict on guys in designer jeans? Our vote: totally okay. We're not advising that you go out and immediately pressure your man to buy a pair, but if they stumble across them on their own, we approve. It's a struggle in conservative Kansas to overcome this very
wrong stereotype... if you're a guy and wear designer jeans you could be into guys. False. If you are into guys, great, I also totally approve, but if not and you just want good jeans and appreciate style- wear them! Let's face the facts boys, designer jeans are well-made, a great fit, and look amazing! Of course we understand that like girls jeans, the fit depends on the designer and sizes differ for each, but if you're willing to spend more than ten minutes in a store, try them on. I almost peed my pants when my boyfriend tried on the jeans my mom bought him for Christmas. Needless to say, he's not a Rockin Republic man (for a variety of reasons)- they tend to run tight and the back detail borders a more feminine side. Fear not. Not all hope was lost, we hit Saks Fifth Ave over break in Colorado and found a pair of True Religions he agreed were "okay, I guess" ha ha. I think it was when his go-to jeans finally bit the dust that he was ready to make the switch. His one request... endurance. He needed a pair that would be able to stand the test of time, I think he realized designer jeans are more expensive for a reason- they last. A month later, and he's still wearing them.

XoXo Gossip Girl

If you don't know already, the oh-so-drama webbed third season of Gossip Girl is finally approaching. Everyone save the date, March 8th is the season premiere. As if the boyish charmers and back-stabbing beauties were enough to hook us on the show, we cant help but obsess over the success of Eric Daman, the costume designer, that has revolutionized fashion on and off the screen. The sophisticated and sexy wardrobe of Leighton Meester, (Blair The Queen Bee), as well as Taylor Momsen's, (Jenny) grunge-chic look are by far our favs. Needless to say, there is no denying the charm, bad-boy and badass in Chuck Bass, who leaves us wanting more of his sly sex-appeal and wardrobe every time. Guys, if you didn't know already, there's nothing worse than an un-fitting suit. So next time your looking to get all fancied up, look to Chuck Bass, or should I say Ed Westwick for inspiration. But beware, sometimes his looks are a bit extravagant and sometimes silly- so choose wisely.
The gossip girl fashion queens, not only make a big statement on screen but seem to be keeping themselves occupied and up to date elsewhere. Leighton Meester won Teen Vogues best dressed for 2009. Along with 16 year old, Taylor Momsen on the cover of Seventeen. You must check out Taylor Momsens band called, The Pretty Reckless and let us know what you think! Honestly, I'm a little skeptical as of now but we'll see.
I guess their's no denying why this show is a big fat success.
xoxo...we're loving on gossip girl

Hot Head Alert: Braids Are In

How the hell am I going to wear my hair tonight? God, if this isn't something I ask myself every time I plan to go out. As if showering, make-up and blowdrying your locks isn't enough- add picking out an outfit. By the time I'm dressed and my once visible floor is covered in discarded clothing options, I'm worn out. The last thing I want is to abandon my signature look, (albeit messy lion mane) for a new hairstyle. However, just because I'm a lazy piece doesn't mean I condone my own bad/lax behavior. Instead, I'm all tangled up in braids- specifically a long over the shoulder side braid. And the best part about it? In no time you can have a runway ready look that will stand the test of time(come round 2am) and dance floor distress. New York designer Tracy Reese sends her models down the runway in twists and Rachel McAdams reps the hot trend for Hollywood. My advice: try it out. It's worth the five extra minutes you'll spend before going out. Nervous about a new do? It's also perfect for when you roll out of bed a little later than planned- just thread your mop and voila hot tress before class.

Rags to Britches

Being a college student it's often unrealistic to head to the mall and spend a day shopping. So we've discovered a perfect opportunity that allows you to spend less but still get name brand clothing. Britches, a clothing store located on 9th and Mass St. is offering 25% off on specific designer Denim which includes, Paige Denim, William Rast and Citizens of Humanity. It's the perfect time to spend less for high-end lines. However, when it comes to buying clothes in Lawrence, try our favorite places like Urban Outfitters, the Antique Mall on Mass., and Wild Man Vintage to find those one of a kind treasures.
(Jessica Biel&Justin Timberlake/Mena Suvari in William Rast, Reece Witherspoon in Paige Denim, and Rachel Bilson in Citizens- we especially like Bilson's street look but then again we usually love all her stuff)

January 26, 2010

Tasteful Art

'endlitch', a (literally) sweet solo exhibition by Berlin based artist, Hannes Bend- shows us a fresh side to sculpture. His 'Hocus Pocus Hare', blue 'Praying Hands' and deer sculpture 'DIR' are entirely cast of hard candy! Sadly we're pretty sure it's not edible but still thoroughly impressive. These so called "candy casts" are paired alongside Bend's color-popping circular paintings- abstract in a most charming way. We love his mixed-media artistry and playful attitude. Check out the rest of his work on ArtSlant.com

RVCA on the Runway

I'm not sure if many native born Kansans have heard of or have been introduced to the SoCal brand, RVCA. RVCA is one of our favorites, for the sole reason that it includes music, sports (skating & surfing) and apparel within the realm of its company. What more could you ask for?!
Recently, RVCA seems to be making headlines with its new Spring 2010, Ready-to Wear Collection by Erin Wasson. The Runway Show was one of Bryant Parks biggest events thus far.

We love the vintage-grunge/hippie clothing collection which completely accentuates the SoCal designer in Erin.
These are just a couple of the looks we loved. You can find the rest of the collection at style.com!

January 25, 2010

Re-Discover the influence of Lennon

If you thought John Lennon's music was inspiring... think again. His shades have been a huge breakthrough for many designers, such as Ralph Lauren, and Ray-Ban, and also available at Urban Outfitters. Although some think these sunglasses are a blast from the past, or an unusual part of your dad's collection... we completely disagree. These shades should be an addition to everyones collection, especially when the Sun finally shines in Kansas. Be prepared to start seeing these Lennon inspired glasses around and don't be afraid to rock them, you might be surprised by the groovy outcome.